Websites shouldn’t just look pretty. It should be your right hand in the online world. We offer the digital and interactive services you need to succeed.

What We Do

With years of experience in marketing, we want to implement all of our knowledge in the first steps of building your online presentation – website design & development. It’s not about a beautiful site anymore, but one that converts. And precisely that is our main focus – creating a converting website for all your future marketing activities and tests.

Web Design

All digital projects have a lifecycle – some maybe a quick (one-off campaign) while others may be out there for a longer period. In any case, the design itself plays a major role in overall leads converting. It is time to go from just a beautiful to a beautiful with a marketing function. Don’t settle with boring designs, not now not every.

Ecommerce Development

Ready to show and sell your products online? Don’t even think of doing that without having a fully functional store. If you already have it, but it doesn’t serve you as it should be – you should get it done right this time. We use the best from WordPress e-commerce community – WooCommerce.

Web Development

We are here to give you a whole package – a beautiful & functional website to drive leads to your business. From design & content suggestions to a whole development process and search engine optimization – we are here to help you build an online presence for your business.

Web Maintenace

Once the website is done, the fun doesn’t end here. Updating your website is crucial to ensure it is protected from attacks by preventing any un-updated wholes to be formed. Web maintenance also include all those changes on the specific page (or building a new one) and even blog updating for you.

From idea to a project and more

If you don’t have a website – don’t worry! Let’s make you the one you will be proud of. From choosing or creating a design (we are open for both strategies, and which one will you choose often depends on urgency and, of course, the available budget!) to set everything up online, we are here to help you make the best decisions for your business.

Everything will start with you simple contacting us for an inquiry and us sending you a starting document to give us a quick overview of your business, ideas, vision and a budget. Once you have the document ready to send it back to us, we will schedule a call or chat session to discuss any questions we or you might have. We are open to Skype / Hangout calls, UpWork messaging or even emailing – whatever feels comfortable for you.

Once we have the final agreement upon a design (and a content, which is recommended to be prepared in advance), it is time to make it real. The development phase will happen on our hosting to ensure full access to the website during this phase. It will also involve basic OnPase SEO as well as further communication with your marketing team for advanced optimization.

Once you are satisfied with the look and the feel of the website, and everything if from your or our side (such as optimization and final payment) we will be happy to move your website to your own hosting and give you the full access to it. If you don’t have hosting, we will be happy to host it for you.

Hopefully, at this stage, everything is up and running and we are happy to see your smile. Our next steps could go two ways:

– You are happy with your website and you are not interested in continuing the maintenance process (no matter the reason behind that, we will not judge nor ask);

– Or you want us to keep your website polished from time to time.

Depending on that we will take the next steps.

In just 4 steps you will go from none or old website, to one you will be showing off

1. Initial communication 2. Design
By contacting us you will make your first step toward the website you will be telling around! It’s either custom design or bought one – you choose.
3. Development 4. Maintenance
Now, it is up to us to make your dream design come true, by respecting both deadlines and set budget. It’s up and running, and all you have to do is start running campaigns.

Meet the team behind your next website project

Hey there from Dejan and Tijana! We are so happy to see you strolling around our website. We have relevant experience in fields you need to ensure your website will do the job properly - from marketing to web development, and soon, even app development. We are excited to meet and work with you! 🙂

"Typically, I'm very hesistant with web designers because they always nickeled and dimed me. With Tijana, she proposed to me a flat rate to a standard set up of pages and I was sold. Within two days I had an outline of the home page so we can figure out the theme and style of the site so she can create the rest. A week later we were able to announce the new site and our customers were BLOWN AWAY. It fit really well with the theme of our app redesign and the style was so beautiful and aimed toward our demographic. We still use her, and her design expertise to this very day. I would without a doubt recommend Tijana because her quick turn around time, great communication, and excellent eye is a great combo for any business. The only thing I regret is not finding her sooner"

Amar Ghose (Zenmaid)

"Working with Tijana was great. She was very professional, prompt and the quality of work was excellent. I will hire again when I have another project.

Thanks again 🙂"

Derar Ayoush (The House of Crypto)

"Tijana did an excellent job. She offered good solutions to issues that arose, communicated on a regular basis and completed the project before the deadline. What more could you ask for?! Will definitely be looking to use her again."

Jeff Sass (an UpWork client)

Tijana did a great job on our Wordpress site. She has excellent design skills and complete the task in a timely and professional manner. We are getting ready to hire her for our next project.

Rusty Craig, CEO at EZ Home Inspections

Definetely one of the most ambitious, hard-working, and skilled DIVI developers on Upwork. If you have a DIVI project, you've found a great freelancer here.

Martin Luenendonk, The Startup Fundraising Strategist at

Tijana was great to work with. She's skilled, honest, and very quick in her communication. She has a good sense of design and is great at Divi. She is creative and timely. I'll definitely work with her again!

Chris Hershberger-Esh (an UpWork client)

In no time, Tijana created a visually attractive and usable website for the catering shop in Ghendt, Belgium.
The content, the images and more importantly the user experience was spot on and right first time which made the project go smoothly. Setting up social media, creating the website, brainstorming, setting up an AdWords campaign, ... was all done within one week so the platform was ready for catering for the end of year holidays.

Stijn Remerie, Owner of Traiteur Remerie

Tijana was a pleasure to work with! She delivered very high quality work, was friendly to work with. She worked quickly and was flexible. Good at bringing in her own ideas but also keeping in line with my requirements. Would be happy to work with her again.

Jasper Lindhart, Owner of Survee

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